The South Central Arts

We are a grassroots network of artists, organizers, and allies that come together to address social justice issues in South Central and similar communities. We do this by elevating the work of local entrepreneurs, local artists, and cultural producers and have been doing this since 2017!

Photo of youth helping paint a community wall.

‍South Central Community Resiliency

December 9th 2023
Time: 10am - 4pm

Celebrating the completion of 11 murals in Historic South Central.

7 for the Green Alleys Network Project
4 at the CD9 Constituency Center

Location: Alley West of S. Central Ave. Between 40th Pl and E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd


Here are projects led by the South Central Arts.

The South Central Arts is responsible for the creation and installation of 4 community-inspired murals sorrounding the CD9 Constituency Center.

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The South Central Arts is responsible for the creation and installation of 7 community-inspired murals in Historic South Central.

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This program aims to cultivate art and cultural expression through exploring how art with the medium of graffiti can uplift young men of color and provide a space of healing, resiliency, and resistance through community-based muralism.

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Lot Liberation: envisioned and led by Davi De La Cruz-  Events that take over a local spaces such as lots focused on family friendly arts.

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Ruth Ferguson

Visual Arts | Drawing | Painting

Hypnotic Dreamz



Royal Roots

Painter | Poet | Singer

Art Habitual


Brenda Cibrian

Murals | Paintings


Graffiti Artist

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